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VSware 2019 training schedule

All training events cost €200 ex VAT (€246 inc. VAT) per attendee per day. When booking tickets through eventbrite, tickets are listed as ‘free’, however your school will be invoiced directly after you attend the event.

The Aspiring School Leaders event in April costs €123 inc. VAT and booking fee.

Cancellations should be made 48 hours in advance to avoid charges.

Welcome to VSware’s 2019 training schedule. From January to May of this year, we will be holding training events covering both Administration and Timetabling topics.

Our 2 day VSware Timetable Course deep dives into all aspects of timetabling and options, so you will leave this course with a knowledge of all the key areas needed to create your school’s timetable. Refresher courses are also available for experienced timetablers who are looking for a recap on timetable topics.

The 2 day VSware Certification Course which is split between standard and advanced training covers all administration aspects of VSware, however it is possible to attend just one of the days, depending on the specific content that you would like to cover. 

We are also running a small number of courses dedicated to: Attendance management / Newly Appointed Deputies / Further Education Colleges / Aspiring School Leaders

Click into the different courses below to view the course content.   

VSware Timetable Training

Throughout this year we are running a 2-day Timetable course, alongside a series of Timetable Refresher days. Click into each dropdown to learn what is covered on each training day.

Timetable Training (Day 1)

Student Options:

  • Inputting student preferences
  • Configuring preferences
  • Analysing preferences
  • Generating option blocks

Timetable Preparation:

Creating a Timetable Grid

  • Configuring Teacher unavailability
  • Adding Teachers to Subject Pools
  • Setting up the School Curriculum
Timetable Training (Day 2)

Timetable Construction:

  • Detailed Curriculum Layouts
  • Importing Option Blocks
  • Feasibility Testing
  • Adding Restrictions
  • Suggested Swaps
  • Automatic and Manual Construction
  • Making Manual Changes
  • Viewing Timetables
Timetable Refresher Course

This one-day course will re-familiarise you with all of the screens and features from VSware timetabling software.

To register for this Refresher course, you must have previously attended Day 1 & Day 2 training and also completed a timetable in VSware for the 2017/2018 school year.

This is most important as this course will move at a fast pace in the knowledge that the attendees are already familiar with timetabling in VSware.

VSware Certification Course for Administrators

Throughout this year we are running a 2-day Admin course covering all administration aspects of VSware. 

VSware Certification (Standard)

Entering / Changing Household details
Sending, topping up SMS
How to add filtering feature to class /year

Taking attendance
Entering bulk attendance for a student (e.g. ill, suspended etc.)
Creating groups for attendance (e.g. Match, Drama panel etc.)

Access Rights
Creating users accounts and resetting passwords
Adding privileges to teachers – what a year head /tutor should have access to compared to a standard teacher
GDPR Update – Uploading your School policy

Creating Exams, adding additional fields
Entering exam results and entering/editing comments (Teacher, Tutor, Year head)
Printing student data, printing exam results
Creating additional fields (e.g. Attitude, Effort etc.)

Special Education Need & Medical
How to enter diagnosed special educational needs to a particular student
Giving rights to SEN Teacher /officer to be able to add diagnosed condition / notes to a student.
How to turn ON/OFF this feature for teachers.
How to print report for all students with SEN diagnosis or a particular diagnosis.
How to print report for all students with medical details
Create additional SEN codes/categories

Syncing and what is being synced
Where to best enter level for exam year students

How to create fees and assign to a year/ student/ group
Online payments – what is required?

VSware Certification (Advanced)

Creating and printing custom letters/reports from word templates
Creating and cleaning up attendance codes
Attendance for Resource and Learning Support Students

Using Attendance reporting section
Steps to take to allow for provision of evening study attendance


Bulk enter state Exam numbers per class (e.g. LC & JC Results)
Using Assessment reporting section


Letter Templates

How to create a letter template and upload to your system (e.g. Proof of attendance letter, Absentee letter etc.)

How to use word variables linked to VSware

How to print a letter for a complete year group (e.g. issue an introduction letter to all 1st years etc.)


Advanced search overview, creating groups via advanced search etc

Searching for past students and their enrolment history

Getting your school ready for next academic year, what will be carried forward and what administrators have to do in August /September
Entering new students
Creating and renaming classes
Setting up your school academic Calendar,- entering holidays, in-house training days etc
Bulk enter /Search Locker numbers per class, per student
Creating SMS Groups – e.g. bus drivers, coaches etc
Creating Custom Groups – e.g. LCVP Students only , Teachers only (less SNA, Admin etc. ) All students less PLC’s etc.

Printing list of all students with 2nd address, siblings.
September returns submission – what needs to be cleaned up and entered.


Access rights
Generating parental access – What is involved
Parental /student access overview

How to create a list of parents Usernames and Passwords

How best to re-issue a forgotten username and password to a parent


Best practice for using and setting up behaviours feature
Using behaviour reporting section


Substitution & Supervision
How best to address /reallocate a teacher’s timetable once constructed and published
Manually editing teacher timetables – assigning S&S offerings, removing /adding teaching groups
Adding new teaching groups and rooms – Pastoral Care, Tutorial etc
Renaming subject names


Class List Management
Where core subjects are assigned and can be found
Explain why option blocks are not visible
Adding students from multiple years to a teaching group. – e.g. Agricultural Science 5th & 6th years assigned to 6th years teachers’ timetable

Turning off meetings – YH / Management for attendance / exams.

VSware Attendance Management

We are also running a course dedicated to attendance which deep dives into all aspects of managing attendance in VSware.

Attendance Management


This course is dedicated to attendance, and deep dives into all aspects of managing attendance on VSware.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

Tulsa codes
Bell times
Signing students out of school
Assigning rights (roles) to teachers
Best practice to address students out long term
Addressing attendance for internal exams
Movement of students within the school environment:
E.g. Internal suspension / Toilet breaks / Learning Support (removing a student from just a lesson) / Career Guidance visit / Counsellor visit / Late to class

Other VSware Training Days

Throughout this year we are running a 2-day Timetable course, alongside a series of Timetable Refresher days. Click into each dropdown to learn what is covered on each training day.

Newly Appointed Deputy Training

This course is designed specifically for newly appointed deputies. Our aim is to give you a useful overview of the administration aspects of VSware that are relevant to deputies.

This includes: 

General use of VSware

Supervision and Substitution

Assessment management

Attendance & Behaviour management

Timetabling will be touched on; however it is not possible to go into this area in depth in the time given.


Please ensure that you have admin level access on your VSware account before attending this course (secretary or principal role in VSware).

Further Education Training Day
    • This course is designed specifically for Further Education Colleges. We understand that FE schools face a different set of challenges than other schools, so this course is designed to help you get the best out of VSware. The course focuses on timetabling so make sure you have principal or secretary level access before attending this course.
Aspiring School Leaders

A One Day Seminar on Timetabling and using A School Management Information System. This will be a ‘lecture and demonstration’ style of seminar and no prior timetable or senior management experience is required.

This seminar is designed to benefit teachers who are interested in promotional posts in their school and will be applying for Assistant Principal, Deputy and Principal posts.


Topics included:

  • Timetabling Theory & Principles
  • Class List Manager
  • Managing Substitution Cover
  • Generating Subject Option Blocks
  • Teacher Allocation
  • Timetable Grids
  • Teacher Availability
  • Setting up the Curriculum
  • Scheduling Lessons – Automatically and Manually
  • Adding Learning Support
  • Team Teaching
  • Restrictions for Teaching Groups
  • Managing students with exemptions
  • Complex Curriculum Layouts
  • Feasibility Testing
  • Making Manual Changes
  • Viewing and Editing Timetables.


Online help and notes will be made available to you.

This seminar will allow you to build on your knowledge around School Timetabling and other related areas.

A personalised ‘Certificate of Attendance’ outlining the content covered will be posted to each participant after the seminar.

Note that you do not require principal or secretary level access to VSware in order to attend this event.