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Timetable Resource Hub 2020

Create the best timetable possible for your school with our knowledge articles, videos and tips.

Timetabling During Covid-19

Timetabling for 2020/2021 comes with it’s own set of challenges. We have written a guide to help you navigate creating a timetable that adheres to the new guidelines on maintaining social distancing in schools.

FAQ - How to set up base rooms for classes

There are a couple of options for workarounds to this, but keep in mind that each has certain drawbacks depending on your school’s requirements and the setup of your file. Find out how it’s done here.

FAQ - How to use Room Pools?

Only add specialist rooms to room pools. Pools are extremely useful timetabling tools, however their overuse can cause issues down the line. Check out the guide here.

FAQ - When should I publish my file?

When publishing your file for the first time, make sure you are publishing from the current academic year into the next academic year. For further information, read our guide here.

Online guides

With over 50 guides dedicated to timetabling, you can find answers to all of your scheduling questions.

Preparing Incoming 1st Year Profiles & Linking Siblings

With September just around the corner, now is the time to start getting your student's household information in order. Refer to our handy rollover guide to get an overview of the suggested timeline. A good place to start is with your incoming 1st years, In a nutshell,...

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Timetables – when to go live?

"I may need to make a few changes to the timetable between now and the school opening day. If I publish the timetable will all staff be able to view it?" The answer to this is... no, not if you don't want them to view it. This is a question we get asked a lot during...

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Room Pools

Room Pools Search in our intercom support desk and you will find lots of guides explaining the rooming process - here is a quick summary of what is involved with room pools. What is a room pool? A room pool is a timetabling tool which helps you group together and...

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Staying on track with your Rollover

Staying on track with your rollover The lead up to the start of the school year can be one of the busiest times for school admin staff. This handy printable guide to staying on track will make things a little easier. Click onto the image below for a closer...

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1% making the difference: getting a complete timetable

During the summer period, our support team often gets asked this question: ‘’My timetable is almost done, but I can’t seem to get it past 99%, how can I get it to 100%?’’ While this situation only arises for some schools, it’s important to understand the possible...

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