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About VSware

VSware is a design led, cloud and mobile based school administration platform – which handles all core school data from attendance, assessments, and behaviour to the mandatory September and P-POD returns.  VSware provides collaborative data management and innovative reporting tools giving school management, administration, teachers and parents the ability to monitor and improve the progress of their students and a real-time view of school activity.

VSware has spent several years developing the platform from the ground up in conjunction with several schools in preparation for the opening of the Irish school administration market in November 2013.

VSware has become the market leader in Ireland both in terms of market share and innovation by listening to schools and building a world class engineering team capable of solving any complex problem & task faced by schools in a simple and user friendly fashion.  VSware will continue to listen to schools and build features and products based on the needs of management, administrators, teaching staff, students, and parents.