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Join us on October 31st in UCD where we are hosting a one-day seminar for newly appointed management and aspiring school leaders.

Throughout the year, we run a series of in-depth timetabling and administration training days. These training days are geared towards existing timetablers and school administration staff who have prior knowledge of the system but want to get a more thorough understanding of VSware.

However, in our discussions with staff in schools around the country, we recognised a need for education events for teachers that have no experience of using the admin or timetabling aspects of VSware, but want to expand their knowledge in that area.

In many cases, teachers felt that having a good working knowledge of VSware ‘behind the scenes’ would give them an advantage when applying for senior or middle management positions.

This one-day seminar will provide a detailed overview of the timetabling process and the ways in which management can use the VSware Management system.

Our Senior Consultant Emmanuel McCormack will be presenting the seminar. Emmanuel is a former school principal with extensive knowledge on all aspects of VSware. These are the areas that will be covered on the day:
  • Timetabling Theory & Principles
  • Class List Manager
  • Managing Substitution Cover
  • Generating Subject Option Blocks
  • Teacher Allocation
  • Timetable Grids
  • Teacher Availability
  • Setting up the Curriculum
  • Scheduling Lessons – Automatically and Manually
  • Adding Learning Support,
  • Team Teaching
  • Restrictions for Teaching Groups
  • Managing students with exemptions
  • Complex Curriculum Layouts
  • Feasibility Testing
  • Making Manual Changes
  • Viewing and Editing Timetables

Aspiring School Leaders Seminar