In-School Consultancy




General Package

Whether you are a Principal, Deputy, Secretary or Teacher we can work with you to put together a one day in-school training itinerary that addresses specific areas of VSware that you need some guidance on.  


  • One to one training with an expert
  • Topics covered chosen by you
  • Flat rate regardless of number of people trained
  • Flexible schedule to fit around your school day

Attendance Package

We are also offering a one day package focusing on Attendance, one of the most popular areas that trainers are called out to schools for. This package gives you a clear plan for really improving your attendance management. The timing of the itinerary can be moved around to accommodate the school day.

Included in course:

  • Session with teachers on taking accurate attendance through app & browser
  • Best practice & tidy up of attendance codes
  • Reading & addressing the movement of students within the school environment
  • Creating attendance letter templates for TUSLA students 
  • Reading student’s attendance screen
  • Daily admin tasks (bulk attendance & creating groups for attendance)
  • Attendance reports in-depth

Timetable Package

The requirements of each school’s timetable are unique, so our trainers are available to come out to your school and provide guidance and one to one support, regardless of what stage you’re at with your timetable. 

Within this package there are a number of options.

  • The trainer visits the school for a general timetable training session 
  • The trainer visits the school to assist you one to one in completing your timetable
  • The trainer will complete the timetable on behalf of the school. This particular option requires the trainer to be onsite for one day to discuss your timetable needs in person, and then they will work remotely for two days to complete the file. 


Cancellations should be made 48 hours in advance to avoid charges.


Consultancy booking enquiry

Please complete the below form for more details on pricing and available dates. 

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