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New Student Term Report Tab Layout

The student term report tab is now a little easier on the eye – subjects are separated into easy to read boxes so you can check the progress of a student at a glance.

Absent PM group

Admin staff can now decide to give specific teachers access to sending SMS or posting notifications to the dashboard. Previously, these two features were combined together, but we have separated them in order to give you more control over what teachers can do.

Automatically Converting Mark to Grade

When teachers are entering in their student’s exam results, the system will now automatically convert the mark that is entered into the corresponding grade. (Just remember to select the subject level first).

Filtering Attendance Codes on the AM/PM Widget

Admin can now filter according to specific attendance codes on the AM/PM attendance widget on the dashboard. You can also choose to print out this filtered view.

Tusla Report Year Filter

Under Attendance > TUSLA Report, you can now filter the students according to their year group.

Expand and Collapse the Dashboard & Groups Tab

Make viewing your data a little easier by clicking on the headings to expand and collapse parts of your screen.